Access Control:

Choosing the Right Security for Your Facility

Access Control: Choosing the Right Security for Your Facility

Keeping employees and assets safe and secure is a top priority for most business owners, and an access control system is undoubtedly one of the most efficient ways to manage employee access and block unauthorized visitors. It is a form of physical security that restricts access to certain individuals and keeps track of who enters and leaves secured areas. It is a primary component of a complete security plan.

Whether you’ve had the same access control system in place for years or you’re considering incorporating a new system, now is a great time to evaluate your overall security plan and procedures. Here are some tips for picking out the right system for your company.

Evaluate Your Current System’s Features

Determine what you ultimately want out of an access control system, and check to see if your current system is covering those needs. If not, pick a new system based on its features and possible integrations — not on the way it looks or how advanced it might seem.

When it comes to access control, security is obviously the top concern, but other factors to consider include:

User experience
Reliability and flexibility
Compliance needs

Remember, access to your building should be convenient, and while your building should be properly secured, unnecessary security barriers and steps is not convenient.

Determine How Much Traffic the Access Control System Needs to Handle

Implementing the right access control system largely depends on the robustness required. Think about all the employees and contractors who need regular access, as well as any visitors, deliveries, etc.

Determine Needed Access Levels and Different Locations

In most cases, not every employee needs access to the entire building. Take a detailed look at your entire facility, and determine which areas need different levels of access. If you have a large number of areas and entry/exit points that need to be monitored simultaneously, you might need an access control system with advanced monitoring capabilities.

Choose the Best Entry Method for Your Business

Today’s access control systems boast a wide range of entry input methods, with varying levels of security and speed of use. Determine what level is right for your business. For example, key cards and fobs are quick and easy to use, but they can also be shared with other individuals. On the other end of the spectrum, biometric systems are more secure, but they can slow down traffic.

Think About Future Growth

If you expect your company to grow, make sure you pick out a system that can accommodate this growth. Flexible and scalable access control systems are important when it comes to growing businesses. Your system should be easily upgradable with your evolving needs and as new technology becomes available.

Find a System That Can Be Easily Serviced and Tested

As a major component of your business’s security, your access control system should be regularly serviced and tested. At the minimum, the system should be tested quarterly to ensure everything is functioning properly — especially perimeter door alarms.

For more information on installing an access control system in Des Moines or the surrounding area, contact Communication Innovators. We’ll gladly help pick out the right security solutions for your company.

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