Cyber Security Trends for 2020

Cyber Security Trends for 2020

Cyber security has made frontpage news throughout 2019. While large-scale data breaches almost always make headlines, hackers are becoming less discriminatory. In 2019, small businesses increasingly dealt with the ramifications of cyber attacks, and this trend is not expected to slow down. To make it more complicated, these attacks are not only increasing in numbers, they are also becoming more sophisticated.

While most companies are aware of the importance of cybersecurity and the risks involved in not taking adequate security measures, many still fall to implement a satisfactory cyber security plan for their organization. Cyber security is constantly evolving, and staying on top is critical. As 2019 winds down and a new year (and decade) emerges, it’s important to take a look at some new trends in cyber security.

2020 Cyber Security Trends

Cyber security spending will continue to rise. While spending will continue to increase (it’s predicted to reach $128B globally in 2020), more cyber security spending can also lead to a false sense of security and overall complacency. Companies still need to make sure they have an adequate number of employees trained in cyber security or outsource this aspect of their business.

Data breaches and phishing continue to be the top security threat. Data breaches will continue to be the top cyber security concern for organizations. Because of the widespread negative consequences of a breach, ensuring data privacy should remain a top priority for all companies.

While data breaches are the top concern in 2020, phishing will remain the most effective cyber attack method. Protection from phishing attacks encompasses proper employee training and cyber security to prevent hackers from acquiring private information used in phishing attempts.

Automation in cyber security will improve efficiency. Today’s cyber attacks have become heavily automated, and if organizations try to defend against these attacks manually, it’s not bound to end well. Automated solutions are becoming a necessity to reduce the workload on notoriously understaffed security teams.

Mobile devices will become a greater cyber security risk. As businesses become increasingly reliant on smartphones and other mobile devices, hackers are finding new ways to capitalize on vulnerabilities. Fraudulent mobile apps will continue to increase next year. To protect your organization, employee training should be implemented.

As new cyber threats emerge in 2020 and established threats become more sophisticated, it’s imperative to make sure your organization is adequately protected. Contact Communication Innovators for more information on implementing a thorough cyber security plan.

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